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RF Utilization Standards

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    I’m wondering if anyone knows some industry or company standards being used for determining utilization in RF networks (i.e. for monthly capacity planning).

    For example, is the busy hour usually considered the busiest hour of the month, the average of daily busy hours, the average of the ten busiest hours in a month, etc… I’ve seen various methods used for this, and am wondering the merits of each, as well as what is most commonly being used.

    Similarly, does anyone have any info on theoretical limits of CDMA capacity? I’ve seen numbers ranging from 11.1 to 15 Erlangs per carrier, so I’d like to know if anyone has any arguments on this.

    And finally, I’d love to hear any comments on blocking criteria that folks are using for CDMA and TDMA networks. I’ve seen 2% Erlang-B and 1% Erlang-B being used (and 3% Poisson for AMPS), so I’d like to determine the “best” criteria that could be used.

    Thanks very much, all comments are immensely appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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