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calculate cell radius

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    telecom rf

    Dear Team,

    I am not clear abut cell radius. how to calculate.and what are the important parameters are required to calculate it.

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    Telecom RF,

    Radius can be calculated based on propagation formula and link budget.
    The inputs for a standard propagation formula are :
    – height of BTS
    – frequency band
    – height of MS
    – environment absorption

    The link budget lets you find the Maximum Allowed Path Loss.

    The propagation formula have to be reversed, so the ouput is the max distance BTS-MS, which would be your cell radius.

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    please i need the way to calculate cell radius

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    cell radius calculation
    The first step: calculate the area of the entire cluster (S_cluster).
    The second step: the area of a cell (S_cell) = S_cluster /7
    Finally , S_cell = (3 * square(R) * squareroot(3))/2. Solve this equation to get R.

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    what is the relation between the cell radius and the number of users in cellular mobile communication?

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    given the average traffic per user you can deduce the traffic of a region area having the total number of users.
    knowing the capacity (traffic) that can be supported by a site you can compute the number of site needed. you will also need to have the area of the region to compute the area covered by a site. once you have this input you can deduce the radius with the formula
    S_cell = (3 * square(R) * squareroot(3))/2
    this way of computing the cell radius is theorical.
    the typical method is what has been explained by pix below remembering that the
    Maximum Allowed Path Loss=min(PathLoss DL, PathLoss UL) to avoid unbalanced link budget

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    Shein Lyhan Pyae

    Checking cell Radius

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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