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calculate cell radius

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    telecom rf

    Dear Team,

    I am not clear abut cell radius. how to calculate.and what are the important parameters are required to calculate it.


    Telecom RF,

    Radius can be calculated based on propagation formula and link budget.
    The inputs for a standard propagation formula are :
    – height of BTS
    – frequency band
    – height of MS
    – environment absorption

    The link budget lets you find the Maximum Allowed Path Loss.

    The propagation formula have to be reversed, so the ouput is the max distance BTS-MS, which would be your cell radius.


    please i need the way to calculate cell radius


    cell radius calculation
    The first step: calculate the area of the entire cluster (S_cluster).
    The second step: the area of a cell (S_cell) = S_cluster /7
    Finally , S_cell = (3 * square(R) * squareroot(3))/2. Solve this equation to get R.


    what is the relation between the cell radius and the number of users in cellular mobile communication?


    given the average traffic per user you can deduce the traffic of a region area having the total number of users.
    knowing the capacity (traffic) that can be supported by a site you can compute the number of site needed. you will also need to have the area of the region to compute the area covered by a site. once you have this input you can deduce the radius with the formula
    S_cell = (3 * square(R) * squareroot(3))/2
    this way of computing the cell radius is theorical.
    the typical method is what has been explained by pix below remembering that the
    Maximum Allowed Path Loss=min(PathLoss DL, PathLoss UL) to avoid unbalanced link budget

    Shein Lyhan Pyae

    Checking cell Radius

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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