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adjacency type(ALCATEL B9)

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    need your help for information about (ADJACENCY TYPE) there are two option (HO and reselection).



    HO Only : the adjacency is defined for ho only, basically, the MS will not reselect the adjacent cell in idle mode, but can be sent to it with a HO.

    Reselection : the adjacency will work only when the Ms is in idle mode

    Both … both.



    Thanks a lot dear


    you’re welcome darling 🙂

    everything is clear in my answer?


    Dear Pix

    I have a cell, LAC boarder, CRH is at max (14dB) value yet it has the highest LU traffic, 94% and SD drop is very high.

    DO you thing changing Adjacency_Type to HO Only will help improve this? LAC border to Huawei


    hi alphaRNO,

    SD Drop and LU rate are caused by MS which are stuck in your cell.
    Putitng a CRH=14dB means that the MS is stuck during 14dB in your cell before going to huawei… you see the problem ? I think you should decrease the CRH to 4dB or 8dB..

    Then, in the Huawei cell, put a CRH to 4dB or 8dB.

    Then put a TEMPORARY OFFSET = 12 dB in both cells
    PENALTY TIME = 120s in both cells

    Ensure the Cell Reselect Offset and the RX LEV ACCESS MIN are set to similar values in both cells (for example CRO=10dB and RXLEV ACCESS MIN = -110dBm).

    That ought to give you a much cleaner environment to work with. You might still have SD Drops, but you should have less LU. If not, try to increase the Temp Offs and Pen Time step by step.

    If nothing work, then ensure that you are not missing a better neighbour in the area (perhaps a far one)…

    Finally, you can increase the T200 SDCCH and increase the Radiolink Timeout / Radiolink timeout BS. That might help the MS to recover the SD link before the BSC assumes there is a radop drop.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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