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Need Help In Tellabs 8660 Edge Switch

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    I have Tellabs 8660 edge switch, the problem is, one card after adding it to the hw-inventory and becomes UP&RUNNING, then after one minute or less it becomes MISSING from the node, and the following alarm was raised (Expected Module Not Activated). I hope to hear support from any expert soon.

    Amit Kumar Singh

    I am using Tellabs 8660 equipment. My complete traffic on slot-13 & Protecting sl-12 went down. Traffic didn’t came restored even after rebooting the sl-13 & sl-12, these slots were also not communication to the equipment properly. Traffcic only came restored after the manual switching done on CDC card from sl-14 to sl-01. May I know what could be root cause for this incident.

    Amit Singh

    Vivek Khatri

    need Tellabs 8000/8660 manual which carry all hardware & software information about installation and commissioning.


    Hi,I need Tellabs 8660 CLI commands,please share,many thanks

    Varun Chaudhary

    I am upgrading the AXC 8660 from FP3.1 to FP4.1 during the upgradation
    my AXC slot no 13 50 sites went down and we have a backup file but we are unable to execute the backup file.
    my concern is that AXC 8660 backup file is dependent on the software version.
    as the outage happens after upgrading on FP4.1.

    Varun Chaudhary

    Our AXC is running with the Software package FP3.1 but one new card was added by the field end having the higher software version.
    during the addition of new IFC it affect on CDC and CDC may behave indeterminate which results the complete AXC take reboot….
    why it take a reboot….

    Varun Chaudhary

    Hi Amit

    your problem is related to the CDC.
    if the traffic were restored after CDC switch over.
    CDC having the flash which carry the traffic information…
    please perform the following activities :–
    Switch the CDC and check the status with CDC status also…
    if problem is still persist…JOJI the CDC…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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