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Traffic Management

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    Gilbert de Bree

    Dear all,

    I have to provide Traffic Management reports to Senior Management. What parameters have to be in a report like this;

    I can imagine things like ASR, Erlangs, Busy Hour etc..?


    Robert Shierson

    I do a similar thing for a 100 staff call centre, and the following could be useful. Calls offered today/week compared to same day/week last year (% up or down). Calls answered with same comparison Calls abandoned(%) Average call time, wait time, abandoned wait time. Calls transfered. Longest answered call time. Longest answered wait time. Erlangs Average Wrap(non talk) time.

    if in sales, compare calls to sales made and make a conversion(% of calls turned into sales) and compare Conversion % this year and last.

    Add system delays or down times if they affect any of the above. hope this is of some use?

    Let me know,
    Rob Shierson Operations Co-ordinator.

    Gia Estrella

    Top Management are not interested in the details of Traffic Performance. In my years of service in this line of business, they are only interested is specific key performance indicators such as Answer-to-Seizure Ratio (ASR), % Trunk Utilization, grouped in to the different types of traffic (i.e., Local, Domestic Toll, CMTS or International Toll), and % Congestion. In cases that congestion was monitored to be experienced in the network, status of activities is also required to be highlighted in the report to keep them updated.


    if you can send me engset-b formula I will be very happy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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