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    hi all
    there is a site situated in mountain the incoming HO is very low
    there is now interference
    there is a village under mountain
    what i must check for solve this trouble


    hi kasdir,

    you don’t give enough elements to solve the problem 🙂

    i don’t even understand what is the problem… you mean the village gets a poor voice quality ?

    then change the frequencies of the cell, ad if takes only low traffic, you might remove some TRXs to ease up freq planning.

    if your problem is about pushing more traffic to this ountain cell, this is advanced optimization, you need to state your vendor and your network architecture (layers, bands, ho types, etc)



    hi pix
    in this cell there is many HO failure
    incoming HOSR=30%


    so… let me decode :

    1/ incoming HO very low = incoming HO success rate is very bad ?
    2/ there is now interference = there NO interference ???
    3/ there is a village under mountain = the village is buried under the mountain ?

    basically your quetion is: what are the possible causes of poor inc HO success %

    – congestion
    – poor coverage
    – interference on one TRX
    – same BCCH/BSIC or TCH/BSIC as a nearby cell
    – hardware failure on a TRX or a combiner (path balance issue)

    if nothing works, identify what is the “outgoing” serving cell and perform a drive test along the main roads from serving to target.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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