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Call Accounting Software

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    Jessie Warner

    TEL electronics, inc. is excited to announce the latest release of its popular business call accounting software, the WIN-SENSE 32 version 3.0. This latest version simplifies the PBX and organization setup process, allows for PDF reporting, gives managers the ability to run reports from their own PC, and can collect SMDR data from multiple PBXs at multiple sites.

    The WIN-SENSE 32 is the perfect call accounting solution for businesses of all sizes. The WIN-SENSE 32 call accounting software is used by government entities such as the United States Coast Guard, large companies such as TruGreen Chemlawn, and smaller organizations like Brainchild Software. All of these companies use the WIN-SENSE 32 because it is reliable, inexpensive, and provides expansive reporting capabilities that meet the needs of their specific business model.

    With the WIN-SENSE 32 Call Accounting System, managers can run extension summary and detail reports that can be automatically emailed to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports tell managers exactly how many outgoing and incoming calls were made and received by each employee, department, or branch. Managers can also run summary or detail reports to track employee productivity, help improve phone system performance, and monitor for phone abuse. 911 and custom alarms further notify managers of emergencies or suspicious behavior.

    The WIN-SENSE 32 can collect SMDR data from phone systems located in different locations and allow for individual and group reporting. The Multi-PBX solution is perfect for large organizations that want to track phone activity for various branches or locations. The WIN-SENSE 32 can be set up on a server or a single-user PC. If the call accounting software is installed on a server, the WIN-SENSE Reports module can be setup on a manager’s computer, giving him/her the ability to run reports directly from his/her machine.

    Version 3.0 of the WIN-SENSE 32 call accounting software is a sure winner for both small and large organizations. This latest release builds upon the quality programming of its predecessors to provide a better and richer experience for its users. To learn more about this new product visit

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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