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TCH congestion

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    I answered you in my email, didn’t I ??

    Number of MOC access attempts: MS sends a channel request (for a CALL setup), BSC answers with an IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT that indicates where is the SDCCH subchannel allocated. Each Imm. Asg. increments this counter

    CM service request : incremented when the MS answers the IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT with an ESTABLIH INDICATION. It means the MS has succesfully landed onto its own new SDCCH subchannel.

    900 MOC access attempts & 800 CM Service Requests
    –> it means that 100 failures occured : the MS could not seize its SDCCH subchannel. Causes : radio failure (interference, coverage) / hardware failure (path balance, …)


    dear pix

    it is another question , can you read my question again ,i am takimg about the numbers (result )

    try to correlate between the result. and the definations

    Number of MOC random access attempts = 926

    Number of successful MOC random accesses= 883

    Number of CM service requests of MOC= 711.

    there is MOC random access request 926

    and success =883

    the difference is blocking or what??

    then after that after random access success the cm servie request 711

    what the difference between random access success and CM service request ???

    i hope my question is clear ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Dear pix

    if you are not intrested by my question you can ignor them ,,,,

    we are here to share knolwedge


    “926-883=43 why failure 43”

    failures due to SDCCH blocking, poor radio (strong intf, poor coverage of SDCCH frequency) or hardware failure


    This i don’t understand.
    Estab indication should always lead to a Assign Complete that includes the layer 3 message. So I don’t think those are failures. It just means that only 711 of connections are made in order to do a MOC. The others are perhaps Call Reestab, Emergency call, IMSI Detach, Loc Upd ?

    And yes, I want to answer your questions :))

    No offense but your posts are difficult to read (I mean, the structure of the post is a bit messy), so I thought I already answered your question 🙁



    could you explain this conuter invalid ramdon access request

    it related to TA

    This counter counts the number of invalid access requests. The counter increments when MS sends “CHL_REQ” message through BTS to BSC for requiring radio channel and TA exceeds cell scope, and then BSC regards the access request as interference and abandons the request.

    could you expain this procedure

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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