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Voice VPN using Cisco

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    I am trying out Voice VPN using Cisco to connect 3 PABX in 3 countries together.

    1. What is the best interface for
    Cisco 2600/1700 if the PABX connectios is small (E&M or FXO or FXS).

    2. If I use FXS at Cisco, What
    card should i prepare for the PABX?
    CO line Card? Can the remote site call to the PABX and get connected to the local PABX extension directly. (I am thinking since the PABX is equiped with analog CO line card (not PRI with DID features), it will not switch the call automaticall to the local extension when receiving a remote call from the IP side)

    i.e. site’s B phone dial site A’s phone directly.

    Site B phone->PABX_B->Cisco_B_FXS
    -Cisco_B_Serial -> IP Network ->
    Cisco_A_Serial -> Cisco_A_FXS -> PABX_A -> Phone A’s extension.

    3. Will the suitation be better using E&M in terms implementation?

    4. What is the best way if i have to offer VPN services to different coporates? since there is a chance that company A’s extension may be used by Company B. Will gatekeeper helps to resolve overlapping private dialing plan?

    5. Is Ciscoworks Voice Manager
    good for managing overlapping dial plan?

    Thanks for the advise in anyway.


    to add, in my point 2, i was told by the PABX vendor that i need a DISA card in PABX to connect the calls from the remote site to the local extension because the cisco FXS can not send digit to the PABX and PABX therefore need a auto-attendant card (DISA) so that the remote user dial the extension when promted by the DISA for extsion number. It’s Like a 2-step dialling.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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