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Penetration and propagation

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    I wanted to know the depending factors for these two theories (Penetration and propagation)and why we say in sometime that the penetration of DCS or 1800 higher than GSM or 900?



    Millions of experiments have been done, but they rarely agree.
    Basically, GSM900 penetrates everything better than DCS1800.

    People that says DCS1800 penetrates in indoor better are certainly just repeating what they have learnt before, but most experiments show the opposite (as far as I know !!)


    People get the idea that the higher frequency systems (1800&1900MHz) outperform lower frequency systems (900&800GSM) because chances are they are physically located much closer to the higher frequency systems. Since the lower frequency systems propagate much better than the higher frequency systems, you are not required to have as many in your network to cover a given area. The only advantage I have personally seen in using 1800/1900 MHz GSM (or CDMA)in a network the disadvantage of poor propagation is negated by increased capacity (across a given area), increased flexability on network design (poor propagation requires more sites), and increased flexability on frequency planning (if your control channels only propagate so far….).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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