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    I’m working in a GSM Network.We have some synchronization problems in our network because we’re receiveing a poor signal reference coming from the PSTN. Do you have any experience in using GPS signal or any other as a Primary Reference Signal for a GSM Network instead of the PSTN reference??. Also if you have some information about synchronization in wireless networks.



    I’m wondering if you got any response about your problem, we are also experiencing synchronization issues.



    i have problem with slips pcm how i can solve


    You can use MSCs internal clock as the reference for the clock. worst case scenario, you can actually hook up a external clock (Stratum1 or 2) with your network to completly get rid of sync. issues.
    i do not think that GPS can provide you clock (as in case of CDMA).


    I have recently had this kind of experience with my PSTN, i am Network Manager in a Fixed wireless Access S-CDMA enviroment.
    I dont know how you interconnect with your PSTN, but, based on my experience if it could be of any assistance, we have a fiber optic cable with Multipexers(MUX) in-between my network and the PSTN.Ensure your E1/T1 interface connecting to your PSTN on the MUX is set to use the PSTN clock (remote/line depends on MUX settings),all these clock seetings are at the Physical Layer and not the Layer 2 Clock settings on your Switch and the PSTN.
    Hope this will be of any help.

    prabhakar verma

    We have done some thing similiar,
    We have extracted the clock from the E1 on which C7 signalling comes from the E1 1 extracted clock from LEVEL 1 tax and E1 2 Extracts clock from International GateWay and the 3rd clock is from our own Stratum 1.

    We have used the Logic of SINK CLOCK.. that is the average of all the clock is taken..


    Hello Varma,

    Can you help me out to understand NSSTP Prinout in AXE10 Switch ?



    From my experiance best way to go sync problem is

    1.extract from two different POIs
    and make it primary
    2.Use local RCMs as secondry

    So u will be safe from 3 angle.

    I think with MSC , this sync problem is much critical but with BSC its very important as TDMA & paging depends.

    I think i am right


    Hi everybody,

    Never Never run ur switch on internal RCM or other free running clocks. Otherwise in long ,u may experience unexpected & strange problems. Always try to get it from some some Level1 or ILD gateway or from any Operator using Cesium Clock Module.

    Never compromise on Network Sync. This is the heartbeat of Network.

    NSSTP(in AXE) prinouts the status of all connected clock sources(DIP/RCM/CCm etc) To get the dynamic data of clocks sources use NSDAP; (it displays Frequence/Wander Deviation & Frequence Memory(for RCM)


    As a standard & safe practise use the Sync Mode as Single (use only one clock at a time)

    Extract clock from at least from 2 different POIs & use RCM at priority level next to these above sources.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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