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How to know that SLS value use which SLC

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    I have question about load sharing within Link Set.

    How switch know that this SLS value should go to which SLC in Link set ?

    Example : I have SLS value 6, How can I know that SLS go to which SLC.

    Thank and appreciate any reply.


    Dear, Don! SLS – is Signalling Link Selector?. If so, then SLSs (16 ones) are evenly distributed between Signalling Link Codes.
    For example, if you have only one SLC in Link Set, it is randomly distributed between all 16 SLS.
    If you have two SLC, the first one is randomly distributed between one half SLS and the second is randomly distributed between other half SLS (e.g. SLC=0 – SLS = 0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E, and SLC=1 – SLS = 1,3,5,7,9,B,D,F; – may be other order, it is dependent from implementations).


    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Now I work on Ericsson switch, Could please advise me how to implemented ? Because now I face the problem that in LS has 4 SLCs, but traffic use only SLC 0 and SLC 2, after I checked behavior of traffic, traffic seize circuit deaccending that’s mean it should be sharing or not,

    Appreciate for reply


    Hello, Don! I described to you the load sharing when the load is evenly distributed between all SL of the link set. For example, in Siemens, this algorithm is defined by Load Sharing Algorithm parameter when Link set is created. There are possibility to define other values for this parameter when only 4 SL will participate in loadsharing or only 2 SL. May be the last case is your case. You may check similar parameters in Ericsson (if any).


    Thank you for your reply,

    Load Sharing Algorithm parameter is define per SLC or LS ? You mean in Seimen, you can configure only 2 SLC to sharing and another 2 for priority, right ? I’m correct understand or not, please advise

    Thank you. 🙂


    Hello, Don!
    Load Sharing Algorithm is defined for SLC within a single Link Set. I don’t know about link code priority in siemens. There is only signalling route priority when you want to configure load sharing between Link Sets rather than Link Codes within a Link Set.
    In Siemens I can can configure a Load sharing between link codes within a single Link Set by means of parameter Load Sharing Algorithm (LSA), which indicated what bits of SLS (4-bits) is used for loadsharing. For example, if LSA=0 – no loadsh, is LSA=1(0001)- only first bit of SLS is used for loadsh between two SLC, if LSA=2(0010)-only sesecond bit is used for loadsh between two SLC, if LSA=3 (0011) – the first 2 bits are used for loadsh between 4 SLC…. if LSA=15(1111) – all for bits of SLS are used for loadsh between all SLC of Link Set.
    With BR, Pan


    i have a similar problem in our AXE 810 switch. we have 1 link set with 16 SLCs which are dedicated to SCCP traffic. we see that the even-numbered SLCs (0,2,4…) have 30% utilization while the odd-numbered SLCs (1,3,5..) have 15% utilization only.

    how can i balance the load equally among all SLCs? what parameter and command should i check in AXE?

    appreciate any help.

    Avinash Gite

    Can you tell me how many SLC can we create between two point code?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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