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High SL load

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    Hi all.
    We experience high signaling load on NOKIA BSC with 1200erl traffic on BH – 0,35 erl on SL. We have 16 SL (64K), so LS expansion is not aplicable. We tested High capacity SL feature and sigtran, but this solutions are optional and licenses are very expensive.
    E/// BSCs with same traffic have less signaling traffic. So my idea is that NOKIA part of the network is not fully optimized.
    Do you have ideas how to reduce signaling load?
    Thanks 😉


    Hi Farkhat,

    No need to go for HSL; What u can do is just create another internal Point Code in BSC & in MSC; now u can create another 16 SL between thses two to reduce the sugnalling load.



    Ok, then some questions
    1.How are U organise load sharing?
    2. On which level – SCCP?
    3. What vendor do U use?


    Does anybody modify default CCS7 LEVEL 3 & CCS7 NETWORK SPECIFIC PARAMETERS (ZNMI,ZNMO) parameters?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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