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NSN Abis-Edge

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    Dear All,
    in NSN they use EDAP time slots in Abis interface. my query is suppose i m having two BTS sites with 2/2/2 TRX confg; want to use EDGE also, can i use one Abis for carrying traffic of thses two BTS sites? How?


    BTS with 2/2/2 means about 14-15 TS, depending on TRXsig and OMUsig size. So it will be 28-30 TS on E1 for both BTS,
    so you will have 3 TS for EDAP at most


    Thanx Frakhat,

    1. could these timeslots be used by both the BTS sites & on what basis?

    2. say 3 TS are left for EDAP, is it means we have 192Kbps bandwidth which these two BTS will use?


    1. No, only 1 BTS can use one EDAP field, 3 TS in your case. You should define that EDAP in BTS manager and create EDAP on BSC (ZESE) and attach it to TRX. Read NED
    2. Not really. That only means that subscribers going to use EGRPS from this BTS with EDAP will share those 3 TS. And the actual bitrate depends on quality, cell load, EDAP utilization…

    ankit limbasiya

    how bts working

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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