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    Hi again,
    Please tell what values are suitable for QUEUEING PARAMETERS in NOKIA BSC? Or what are default values for other vendors E/// & Alcatel?
    Default values for MQL,TLC,TLH are 50%,10s,5s are seems to be much too high!

    MQL – Max Queue Length
    With this parameter you define how many call and handover attempts can be queued to wait for a TCH release in a BTS. The parameter value is a percentage (0 – 100%) of the TCHs in use in a BTS.

    TLC – Time Limit Call
    With this parameter you define the maximum queuing time for call attempts (incoming or outgoing) in the BTS in seconds. Value 0 deactivates call attempt queuing.

    TLH – Time Limit Handover
    With this parameter you define the maximum queuing time for handover attempts (both urgent and non-urgent) in the BTS in seconds.

    Thanx in advance


    I don’t understand MQL… why is it in percentage ??
    For example, how many calls can be queued if the value = 50% ?If there are 30 calls in the cell, then the nb of queued calls = 15 ?
    That’s way too much !

    10s and 5s seem acceptable. In alcatel, the default value is 6s for call attempts, but i usually recommend to increase it a little bit. In the worst case, the subscriber gets bored and hangs up by himself during the call setup ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is no queuing for HO in alcatel, in order to give an immediate opportunity to try another neighbour cell.



    Thanks Pix,
    The only answear for WHY is because it’s NOKIA ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actualy MQL is in % from TCH resource on cell. For example if there are 3 TRX on the cell, so it’s about 24 TS, so MQL will be 12.
    We changed parameters to 25%,5s,3s and SDCCH drop decreased were observed and HO sucsess rate increased!
    Next step is to make TLH=0
    Will see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    mahdi kamalpoor

    in our province we have 8 Nokia_bsc, 4 BSC connected to siemens MSC and 4 other connected to NOKIA MSC
    in BSC’s connected to SIEMENS MSC queueing is active but in BSC’s connected to NOKIA msc queueing is deactive!
    Plz help me to active queueing in other BSC’s
    thank you


    what could be the value of MQL TLC and TLH

    Rajib Chakraborty

    What is STRIC parameter.What is its use..


    Dear Pix
    would you please tell me what could be better value of MQL,TLC,TLH in Nokia GSM?
    many thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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