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BCCH RX level difference

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    BCCH RX level difference

    Can any one help me what is the problem of main difference between layer 3 and neighbor window for BCCH TRX rx level as checked from system information the level is around -70 but in the neighbor window show -80dBm .


    I’m not sure, but -70 can be RxLev Sub and -80 RxLev Full, if I understood the question well.


    In the system information, you can see the RX LEV of the neighbours, and this value is re-used in the neighbour window.
    It’s either there’s a lag between the lay3 and the display of TEMS or
    … are you sure you’re matching the rxlev with the right neighbour? They are identified by their index, not their BCCH, so it might be a little complex to trace it back to the correct neighbour (a *little* complex)

    Rex, there is no ‘SUB’ for neighbours : DTX can’t be activated on the BCCH TRX (it’s 3GPP-forbidden, for very good reasons). So the MS always measure the ‘FULL’ from its neighbours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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