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Conversion MegaBytes traffic to Erlang

This topic contains 10 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Haroldo Manoel Dornelas 12 months ago.

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    Hi, Can any body provide me the formula or methodology to convert site througput to Erlangs ?

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    can any one tell me how to convert megabytes traffic to erlang?

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    I think there is no formula to convert Megabytes traffic 2 erlang since the Erlang is a unit of measurement of “intensity” of voice traffic, not a measure of saturation throughput of a connection.
    Unless there is an extented definition of “ERLANG”..
    Any additional clarification will be welcome..

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    hello, i think in UMTS there

    Traffic (erl)*12.2 kbit/sec.*3600/8 = Kbyte

    12.2 AMR bit rate

    if video

    eraling *64 k bit/sec *3600/8 Kbytes

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    how to convert payload in Megabytes to Erlang???

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    How to convert GB to Erlang

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    I think NIce Guy is very right , there is no direct calculation for converting Data Traffic to voice traffic or vise versa.

    all This calculation found in Internet is for Voice over IP or simple term when channels/TC are very fixed ie 1 or 2 ch/TC, may ch having capacity to deliver 64 Kbps, can calculate the erlang to Kbps.
    but when throughput is depend on, dynamically used Time slot and depend on request of Terminal

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    Can anyone let us know….

    For 2G/3G voice we should take 12.2 Kbps & 3G Video 64Kbps while calculating for GB conversion.

    Or its has be doubled…say instead of 12.2 Kbps it it should 12.2*2=24.4 Kbps (UL& DL combined)

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    Downlink and uplink are using different “dimensions” (frequencies), so you can’t add them up.

    It’s like trying to add time to space.

    Jim, beam me up.

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    1. can anybody plz provide the difference in erlang value and MB value in data units.

    2. is it correct to use erlang unit in nsf and eupan network

    3. if “the Erlang is a unit of measurement of “intensity” of voice traffic”

    does it takes other data also ?

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    Haroldo Manoel Dornelas

    Traffic (volume) = Traffic (Erlang) * 3600 * Bearer BR * AF

    Bearer BR = Channel Bit Rate
    AF = Activity Factor

    For voice services most vendors recommend to use 0.6
    For data services most vendors recommend to use 1

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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