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location update vs handover

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    if i have the call and during the call , i moved from LA1 to LA2 , so i have to infrom the network by my location and i request handover , so does the location upadte happen during the call or by handover i can send the same information which i send il location area in with the the handover request

    in general

    is the location update occures in idle mode only

    waht happen when i change my LA during the call

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    HO from lac 1 to LAC 2 is just a handover.
    The location update occurs after the call is released, in idle mode.

    The MSC doesn’t need to know more about the location of the MS: the MS is in dedicated mode already, it is already known and localised by the MSC.


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    Thanks pix really for your contiue suuport

    so the no need to infrom the msc about the new location area during the call . the new LA infromation will send during the handover proccess.

    i have also question for paging

    the network resend the paging message after it failure for the first time

    the network resend for the second and the third time

    so how we define the KPI

    paging success rate

    we define this KPI =paging reponse *100/paging meeasge

    but , i do not no if the paging meeasge also include the retring sending

    in both side paging response and in the paging massege

    i need to know as a KPI defination how to deal with this case

    kindly help me

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    i don’t know this indicator, it is vendor dependent.

    mmm… also, the location area info is NOT sent during the handover, it is sent AFTER the call is finished. So it might be a long time after the handover 🙂

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    Dear, Pix!
    And what about external Intra-MSC handover (and inter-MSC handover)? Target cells info list (hence LA info) is contained in A-HANDOVER-REQUIRED message from BSS-A to MSC.

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    Well, that’s quite a specific handover. In my opinion (but i could be wring) the location area sent in the HO REQUIRED is not used to update the VLR about the current location of the MS. It’s just used to identify the possible target cells.

    So the “location area update” process does not take place during the HO.

    Perhaps I’m wrong though…

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    Pix, yes I agree with you. Location is not updated during CS connection. MS updates it’s location only in idle mode.

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    Do you know if the location update profile , the same to the traffic and call attemots profile or not

    According to my daily mointer to the location update vs paging , call attempts , and traffic (erl), during 24 Hours , i notice they have the same profile , i found that , for call attempts , traffic , paging it ok and logic , but for location update it is not logic , could you help me to expilan that,

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    what do you mean by “profile” ?
    can you give a numerical example ?


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    hello pix


    we moniter some action related to our network like paging meeasge , call attempts, ,traffic , loaction update , etc,,,,

    i but all these events in one chart during one day for 24H

    00:00-01:00 , 001:00-02:00 02:00-03:00,,,,,,, ect dor whole day , and notice the relation between them , so the profile (is the shape of these counter during 24H (is the curve resulting from the stat. , when i but the data in the chart .))
    so i notice that, the curve of call attempta and traffic , paging is the same , and i found that logic , because there are relation betwwen them , so it logic for paging to take the same curve for call attempts ,because when i have call the nework should paged me , but i found also location update take the same curve , and i found that not logic because , there is no relation between location update request and call attempts, or paging .

    profile i draw the call attempts during day each vs hours ,

    i hope it is clear now .

    i try to send chart but i can not.

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    send it here, please:
    pix_erlang *at** yahoo dot fr

    thanks for the explanations also.
    i’ll think about it and try to give you an answer.

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