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shot code+ international roaming

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    I would like to ask a question about short code in roaming;

    if the Sub call short code number (short code in HPLMN) when he roam abroad. is it required to the VPLMN network support a short code.

    or the VPLMN will check the CC+NDC and send the IAM message to HPLMN network. even if this number is short code.


    Dear, Raja! Any VPLMN has its own routeing scheme. And if there is no CAMEL agreements between HPLMN and VPLMN operators then VPLMN will route such call according to its own routeing scheme. In Camel case CAMEL SCP substitutes the original dialed short code with service centre directory number in international format. After that the call is established to HPLMN Service Centre.



    In my question I mean Camel agreement.

    Can you explain more how the call flow for short code. and if there is any specific requirement should be in HPLMN to offer this service.



    Dear, Raja,
    For allowing this service HPLMN and VPLMN should support CAMEL. There are a number CAMEL functional entity must be deployed in HPLMN: CSE (SCP), SSP, IP.. VPLMN operator needs to administrate CAMEL IN Triggering table in VMSC i.e. VMSC should support SSF (service sitching function). You may see more about CAMEL in 3GPP 22.078, 23.078.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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