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ANBSP analysis in Ericsson MSC

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    Vipan Sharma

    I want to know to scp routing

    wallis dudhnath

    Hi Shweta et al,

    In the past I used to look at AXE10 and was very familiar with the numerous Man Machine Language (MML) commands that was used to configure resources for the switch.

    DT – Data Transcript – was used. Like a batch file with a list of MML commands.

    -B-Number Analysis is the almost the first analysis to be carried out in a
    call setup. ANBSI (Analysis of B-Number, Specification, Initiate) was the MML command that was used to B Number analysis.

    -The results of B-number Analysis will give the input data to the other
    analysis tables, for example, routing and charging analysis.

    -The first analysis to be done is the Pre-Analysis of B-numbers.
    This is used to reduce the size and complexity of the B-number table.

    For IN – Intelligent Networks – that is based on SSF/gsmSSF, SCF/gsmSCF, etc.. the MML command DBTRI was used to set up triggering. IN Flags, e.g. O-CSI(CAMEL), OICK/TICK, OIN/TIN, etc., is configured in the HLR / HSS.

    The IN flag is an enabler to help with routing the signalling to the gsmSCF. Call Control will be supported
    by the gsmSCF.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath


    anbsp should give you at least a routing case and with ANRSP you could get the route to use for the call


    Dear any one have Ericsson Doc with command output and description of each parameter please

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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