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Half Rate effect to the QoS.

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    Dear all,

    I would like to know that the Half Rate will effect to the QoS(such as increase the call drop) or not?

    Thank you very much for your time.


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    hi sm,
    normally, it shouldn’t have any effect on call drop rate…


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    Dear Pix,

    That’s mean it doesn’t have any effect to any QoS? (except the vioce quality should be more poor than the FR,right?)

    This result is from the theory or in the actual network which is using the HR?

    We are using Alcatel and Motorola BSS.


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    it’s from theory… in reality

    1. your BSS is carrying more subscribers –> more load, more signalling –> more risk of failures

    2. the HR codec is a little less protected than the enhanced full rate, so it’s *slightly* more sensitive to interferences. But it’s noticeable only if the frequency planning is bad in many areas.

    to fight problem 1 –> contact your vendor so they can fix their machines
    to fight problem 2 –> activate AMR HR, which provides more resistant codecs than the legacy HR.

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    rf fan

    I think that signaling channels don’t depend of used codec, so it has not any effect over call drop.

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    hi rf fan,

    the fact is:

    if you put twice more calls on a cell, it means the BSC has to double its “signalling” processing. Meaning it has to monitor twice more calls than before.

    so yes, half rate is putting more load on the system, from a signalling point of view (i’m not talking about Air/Abis signalling ! i’m talking about BSC processing load & also BTS load). But perhaps the BTS/BSC can support this load without any problem. Or perhaps it can’t. I’ve heard stories about some systems that couldn’t (in the past… –> i don’t know what is the situation right now)


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    I have noticed that in HR mode, SQI is more affected, the fact that the maximum SQI in HR mode is only 17. And fast SQI degradation is observed especially in areas where RxLevel is not good. Yes, if there is interference, subscriber experience is not that good, which would relate to bad RxQuality.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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