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Call from one side

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    What are the principles causes of a call which could be heard from one side only, it means when i call someone he don’t hear me but i can hear him.
    what are the indicators that can i check?


    hello host,

    main causes are related to interconnexion of transcoder to MSC (A interface), or transcoder to BSC (Ater interface), as far as I know. But I’m not an expert in the field though.

    From BSS QoS point of view, you can’t see any problem. You can just detect that TCH duration is very short, while there is no call drop. It means the subscriber hangs up by himself after just few seconds.

    But it’s just a side effect, and if this problem is marginal then the TCH duration in your network is probably not impacted.


    thanks pix, is there any probability that the links on A interface or in the Ater interface could be inverted? and how we could check this?
    I work on Alcatel BSS


    sorry, i can’t help more than this, i’ll let nss gurus answer you 🙂


    Hi host

    I am very sure that the problem spread not only in one cell but also in other cells.

    give the problem to the people who in charge in switching, and they will do contrac ( connection trace ), cause the possibility problem come from the wrong of timeslot mapping between BSC and MSC.

    Please correct me if i am wrong


    Hi host,
    To add with the discussion, u hav not mentioned about the exact call case. If your call scenario passes thro several exchanges then u have to verify the whole connections. The main cause would be the physical E1 mismatch or E1 swap. Just make a test call in each E1 and in a particular call you would get the swapped E1s. If this is in a particular cell alone, then the cell parameters have to be checked.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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