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What is an Erlang?

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    I’m an undergraduate taking a course in Teletraffic engineering. But I do not have a very good understanding of the concept of measuring traffic in terms of erlang. Can any kind soul explain to me what exactly one erlang? Or in that case, how do I go about using the quantity?

    Thank you in advance.



    Dir Sirs/madams

    I’m Counterparts in JICA project in Posts and telecoms Training Center N01 in VietNam Posts and Telecoms Cor. from VietNam Now, i’m wring curriculum of Basis course about Digital switching system, and in this course have a subject is traffic theory, so in VietNam haven’t many books about this subject. If you can, please send to me documents to introduction the traffic theory. I’m very happy and thanks very much!



    Erlang is an admentional measurement. Is a relation between the time of ocupation and the time of observation. 1 Erlang mean, for example what anything was ocupated for all the time of observation. Ex. If a telephonic call to remain 1 hour, began 09:00 and was finished at 10:00 hs, and the time of observation this event was exactly in the same time we say what this call carried 1 Erlang.

    Pete Handley

    Justin, in case this might help you:

    1 Erlang means 1 unit of equipment (e.g. 1 channel in a circuit) fully occupied for 1 hour. So if a trunk circuit carries 10 calls, each lasting 6 minutes, it has carried 1 Erlang. The method I use to dimension trunk circuits is to multiply the average call duration (or estimated duration if this is a new operation) by the number of calls in the busy hour, and divide by 60. This may not be terribly scientific, but it gives a very close approximation. Hope this helps.


    Please I need information about the probability in erlang B,. I have the 0.23 erlang, 20% the blocking but i need the number of channels that will be in my systems.


    Hello Friend,
    Erlang is Unit of Traffic.
    If a circuit (channel)is occupied for 1 unit(hour) of time it it said to be 1 erlang.It means it is occupancy of a circuit (channel)for that time (1hr/60min/3600sec)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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