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Mobile Hang Problem

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    RF RG

    Dear All,

    I am having 2 problems:

    1.) Whenever we receive or dial any no. after disconnecting the phone, it doesn’t get disconnected and the phone hangs up in both cases.

    2.) Whenever we call some one or when we receive the call after talking for
    few seconds , call gets blocked and no. automatically starts redialling in
    former case and no. goes in missed call in later case. i.e, blank

    Please let me know at which end i have to look for and what will i do to rectify the same.



    have you performed a drivetest to see what kind of messages are exchanged on the air interface ?

    if everything is normal, then the MS is probably faulty
    otherwise, you will certainly see that “crazy” messages are sent by your core network (MSC, IN, ?) to the MS.

    (ps : i don’t understand your first question)

    RF RG

    Dear Pix,

    Thanx for the reply… The initial case is that after the conversation im not able to disconnect a call at a sudden (my mobile hangs up). I am not able to end the call at that time.. This is not happeneing frequenctly but is happen out of 2 to 10.


    RF RG,

    is the problem happening with your mobile only ? or does it happen all over the network ?

    in the first case, you should replace your phone… i used to have a samsung phone, and it “hangs” like this all the time. My mother also has a samsung, and she can’t even receive phone calls.. 🙂

    RF RG

    Hi Pix,

    As escalated by the customer, this problem is happening in 1 BSC only. Its not with my handset but the handset of some customers.

    Do u think that the problem is related to Cell or BSC level or it is the problem at the Switch end.


    rf rg,

    in my opinion, this is a MS problem ! i suggest you go meet some subscribers, check the problems with your own eyes, perform the same test with a trace MS and your own personal MS, see if the problem appears.
    if it doesn’t, exhange the MS of the subscriber.
    if it does, analyze the traces.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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