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Using NetMeeting in a LAN

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    <B>Dial Up Audio</B>

    We are pleased to announce to launch of DUAL Gatekeeper; our H.323 gatekeeper that acts as a complete proxy solution for NetMeeting (or other H323 clients). A free downloadable demo version is available.

    Introduction to DUAL Gatekeeper

    NetMeeting (and similar software) allows you to make free voice and video calls through the Internet to other NetMeeting users. But, using NetMeeting from within a home network or corporate LAN can be a problem, because NetMeeting normally needs to be used on the PC that has an Internet connection. Normal proxy servers or the Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing feature do not work with NetMeeting, because of the complexity of the protocol.

    NetMeeting Internet access from a LAN using DUAL Gatekeeper

    DUAL Gatekeeper solves this problem by acting as a proxy server for NetMeeting installations within a private network. It is installed on a computer with an Internet connection (direct, dial up, cable modem or DSL), and works equally well for a small home network or a corporate network.

    Download DUAL Gatekeeper free of charge
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Using DUAL Gatekeeper

    DUAL Gatekeeper is installed on a PC with an Internet connection and that is connected to other PCs using a LAN. The Internet connection can be direct or using a dial up modem, ISDN terminal adapter, cable modem or DSL device.

    Each copy of NetMeeting running on a PC connected to the LAN must be configured to use DUAL Gatekeeper as its gatekeeper, and will attempt to register with DUAL Gatekeeper each time it starts. When a copy of NetMeeting attempts to place a call, it sends the call setup messages to DUAL Gatekeeper rather than attempting to reach the destination PC directly (the destination PC would probably be unreachable from inside the LAN).

    DUAL Gatekeeper runs in the background and, after minimal configuration, can be left to
    work on its own. With later versions of Windows, the icon in the System Tray can optionally show H323 registration and call events.

    NetMeeting on a LAN registering with DUAL Gatekeeper

    DUAL Gatekeeper has placed the call for NetMeeting

    Download DUAL Gatekeeper free of charge
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Configuring DUAL Gatekeeper

    DUAL Gatekeeper attempts to configure itself upon installation, and usually requires no further adjustments. However, a control applet is available on the Start Menu or from the icon on the System Tray. This allows a number of settings to be changed, including whether a dial up connection to the Internet should be established when placing a call to the Internet on behalf of a registered client such as NetMeeting.

    DUAL Gatekeeper control applet

    More information

    For more information on DUAL Gatekeeper, please visit one of the following pages:

    If these pages do not answer your questions, then please send us an email.



    can i use Dual Gatekeeper with Proxim HomeRF Base Station for Netmeeting Video Conferencing ?



    Dial Up Audio

    I’m sorry, but we have no information about Proxim HomeRF Base Station, so I cannot comment.

    Try it and let us know 🙂


    i have been using openh323 client as the basis of my project n i am wondering if i can use your gatekeper service for testing purposes, if yes how can i do this?, do i need 2 install any of your, software or i just type yr gatekeeper address into mmy client?, n BTW wat is it?

    Dial Up Audio


    Yes, you need to install the software to take advantage of its proxy capabilities.

    For more information, please visit where there is an explanation of the software and information on configuring clients, including OpenPhone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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