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Increasing paging capacity

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    Regarding Ericsson BSCs, is it possible to “steal” time slots from other control channels and use them for paging?


    hi charlie,
    I dont think you can..because it already has a strict configuration. Unfortunatelly i dont have any experience with ericsson. But IMHO, there are combined and uncombined broadcast channel, which is different in control channel configuration…
    hope there will be another opinion…


    in a BCCH timeslot, there are 9 blocks, that can be allocated for AGCH or for PCH. The recommended configuration is 5 blocks for AGCH and 4 blocks for PCH.

    There are usually possibilities to change this configuration, or even select a dynami configuration, depending on AGCH load or PCH load.

    Finally, don’t forget that 1 PCH block can contain 2 Paging messages or 4 PAging messages, depending on your MSC configuration (IMSI paging or TMSI paging)

    If you’re using “IMSI paging”, you can double your paging capacity by selecting TMSI paging.


    in siemens, i would say that it is uncombined BCCH with 9 blocks of CCCH. But if we have combined BCCH, we only have 3 blocks of CCCH (others are SDCCH).
    There’s a way to adjust the number of AGCH blocks in one multiframe. it means the number of AGCH blocks in one multiframe is adjustable.


    it’s in 3GPP : non combined => 9 CCCH blocks
    combined => 3 CCCH blocks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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