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Bad RxLev but Good RxQual

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    I have experienced something a little bit strange,
    during the drive test for some sites in my area using TEMS investigation as my drive test kit,RxLev was bad in main lob but the RxQual was quite good.
    What can be the cause of this issue?
    (the area is covered with only 2 sites,so forget about interference,..)

    Thanks in advance


    low level and good qualiity… that’s just a coveragee issue : coverqge hole. you need to check the antenna design (tilt, orientation, height, …), or add a new BTS in this area.

    this is a very basic problem… maybe you got mixed up : there is a good level and a bad quality, and no interference. In this case, it means your TRX is faulty, or there are external interferers, such as army radars, anti-theft mechanisms, or any kind of “non GSM” electro magnetic source.


    It could also be a wrong tunning of the power control algorithm. But you can compare the signal levels of IDLE mode (camping) and DEDICATED mode (call). Idle mode will show you the real coverage of the cell. Or you can even scan only the channels of the servers in the zone.


    i’m quitely didnt understand your question. If you got bad coverage but good quality, maybe it won’t be a problem. How far is TA?if you have near TA, then we have a problem, maybe we have low power on TX. It will also affected C/I value. Good Qual means no interference, and should be god C/I.


    Hi Shreko,

    Is power control enabled..??
    if its enabled then u myt get a little poor level but at the same time ur qual should will be good.
    Can u pls specify the TA at which u faced this event.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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