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question about trunk lines

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    Manish K Gupta

    thank you Muzammil for the fast response.I really have come across some good it will be easier to resolve technical issues with the help of you guys.

    Here I’ve one practical problem which I’m facing here.We have some systems connected to VPN through watchguard.These systems were working fine.But due to some exapnsion reasons we had to change their IP addresses.They are in the same address range.

    Now what happens when we try to PING gateway.It pings but when we try to access some internet site is denies……..i mean it says ” request timed out”.

    I already have tried these things.I have changed IP addresses…then configured it as it was earlier….changed the slot of NIC….removed adapter driver n reinstalled.
    Is there any solution??

    Ya!changing the NIC will work.But I want to use these network cards also.Any idea…………

    with thanks


    Mr. Gupta,

    I think as far as I know VPN wont allow for internet browsing. I had experiement this with win 2000 server (VPN server).

    I will be obliged if anybody give me correction.

    Manish K gupta

    Dear Zahid,

    Yes Zahid, you are right that internet does not work if we use VPN.But here we are using two network cards.using which, one of them is dedicated to VPN and by other card we are browsing internet and it is possible.

    I mean we are using two network cards with two different gateways and it is working.But three systems are giving problems.I don’t want to format the systems…….is there any clue???


    Yes, there is a way !!!

    Just throw the harddisks away!!!. U don’t have to worry for anything.

    How is my idea.

    Lee Rhoads

    I am wanting the formula, variables to calculating trunk busy rate, not just the all trunks busy, but I am looking for the busy rate formula.
    Can anyone answer this for me.


    Does any one know if you have to configure dial-peers on the Cisco 7750 to gain access to the PSTN on your T1-CAS?


    i need some data(tables) about traffic intensity to use it in my project
    so please any one who can get it contact me

    Abdul’ aziz Abdul’hamid

    I want to know about E1 and T1 in Telecommunications. And keep on mailing me on new developments in data and networking communications please Sir.
    Thanks so much.With Peace!


    how to calculate call charges in iplc-cc?is it will be local call rate of particular destination of end B

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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