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High Establish failures

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    Hi Pix, and everyone
    I am a kind of new BSS engineer,
    analizing some sites with high establish failures rates in my local network, i realized that one of them is reporting SCCP Disconnect messages, after a quick verify from my vendor counters and kpi’s, I confirmed that this is directly related to the establish fails.
    can anyone help me a bit?, or quote some escenario that usually this behavior is found?
    any type of help, and comments are welcome.
    many many thanks.




    You will need to look into the QoS Counters and Indicators, and tell us exactly what is the “high establish failures”.. Is it the number of TCH which are not established due to a failure ?
    If yes, then what is the cause of the failure ?
    Radio problem ? Hardware problem ?

    Your problem is SO vague that it could be anything, really. You need to collect more details.



    well in this case, i mean call stablish failure rate.
    cheking the kpi’s and counters related, all the failures causes are grouped in one single counter, wich for my vendor is (Number of communications in signaling phase released: SCCP disconnection).
    they told me, this sccp’s disconnections indication are sent by the msc to the bsc.
    no rf interference, or bts trk hw issues are found on this site..

    any clue?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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