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mdtog (ewsd) load measurement

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    how can i estimate the number of mdtog (mode tone generator) cards per 1000’s subscribers??


    You require a no. of parameters like Average Holding Time , Traffic per subsriber etc for this calculation. Here is an example taking some assumptions You may do exact calculations as U will be knowing your parameters.
    Traffic for 1000 Subs with 0.1E* per subscriber is 100E
    BHCA= (100x 3600 sec )/60* Sec (Avg Holding Time of a cct)
    Now you need to calculate Traffic on Your DTMF resources from this BHCA
    Traffic on DTMF resources= (6000 x 6* Sec)/3600 Sec = 10 E

    DTMF circuits required for 10 E Traffic with required GOS from Erlang B Table is 20.

    No. of cards required = 20 / No. of DTMF generators per card

    * Assumptions made for example, You mayput your own figures.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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