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signalling link

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    i have problem that we lost many messages in SS7 signalling and it is due to my send ratio is 40% and reveive ratio 55% i confuse which is the highest value which i will get problem in my link and when i have to increase my link since it is now 64k i need to make it 2M.



    It seems like both sending & receiving are having values more than the threshold, and that’s why you are losing SM’s. For the signaling if it exceeds a predefined value then extra messages will be kept for a small time in a buffer and if they are not sent they will be discarded (lost). So, I think it is better for you to rebalance the signaling or add more signaling links.



    Its depend also which technology and which vendor you are using ,for example if both end are Siemens you can easily go to 40% ,but if it is Alcatel for example you are exceeding the limit,so fisrt you have to check it with the vendor and see what is their thershold ,secondly try to balanec the load and maybe some rerouting can help you.but what type of signaling are in the links ?are they MAP or CAP or ISUP or BSSA?
    after that if its is MAP or CAP you can try to reduce your load which some times is the best.


    hi all

    thankz alot for explain in detail .but iam using huawei Msoftx3000 which can process many messages so we lost many mtp messages in signalling link . how i plan to increase my link ?.shall i consider my erlang or subcriber in HLR , by the way the overload link is between msoft and HLR.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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