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Erlang to Minutes

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    Hello Guys, can anybody tell me when i have 25,391 Erlang for the 24Hour in a city what does this mean, if my local calls rate is 0.02$/minute, this is such an example.


    hello robert,

    25391 erlangs means there is a occupancy of 25391 * 24 * 60 = 36,563,040 minutes of channel occupancy.

    In terms of money, this is
    36,563,040 * 0.02 = 731,260$

    in one day.

    i should definitely start building my own wireless network…


    hello pix
    25391 erl is total erlang in one day or a month we should know that vlue exactly what is ?
    so…if i have erlang value then i have to get the local calls , international calls and sms rate …if i get all these values then average them the mutiply it by minutes value

    for example :

    if i have 3000 erlang my average rate is 0.04 $ i consider it as one day

    3000 * 60 = 180000 minutes

    180000 * 0.04$ = 7200 $



    the sms uses a different channel than TCH, so it is not counted in the tch erlang.

    and yes, i did a mistake in my calculation !! 25391 erl in one day = * 60 = 1,523,460 minutes

    1,523,460 minutes * 0.02 = 30,500$ / day

    sorry about the previous error… and thanks johan for pointing it out 🙂


    hi pix

    i was confused the value of calls rate which rate should i multipy by minutes erlang ..which rate shall i take local calls rate or interntional calls rate . in fact i want to calculate whole rate of my network


    well, as you said, you make a mix… how many calls are international ? how many are national ? you can get those statistics from core network team.

    Mohammed Aziz

    Guys….appreciate your open discussion and mutual corrections. Short but insightful and helpful texts.Regards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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