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Call Attempts and Calls Carried

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    In a GSM network whats the meaning of Call attempts and Calls Carried. Whats the effect of the increasing Call attempts on the Switch processor load(MSC)..or in other words…will the switch go in to saturation after number of call attempts reaches a threshold value.

    David Lykins

    From what I have experianced in the voice and a little in the Vo/IP, yes the call attemps can have an impact on the switches processor load.

    I would also assume that depending on what type of switches/routers the calls are processing through will greatly determine the threshold of when the switch/router may be impacted by heavy/large call volumes.

    I also don’t know of any switch that is truely “virutally non-blocking”. And I have experianced a switch almost shut down because of call volume to it.

    Radhakant Das

    Hi! David
    Can you explain what U mean by “Call volume”?I am using 5ESS which controls the call in case of overloads.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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