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Extended Cell

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    Hi all

    Anyone can explain me about the extended cell configuration?
    When we shoose extend cell configure?
    What is key benefit?
    GPRS coverage available on extend cell



    Dear NarChai,
    Usually a cells max coverage area is defined based on the max TA it can serve without one TimeSlot TS assigned to one MS overlapping over the next TS. This TA value is 63 usually can be restricted to a lower value bu RACH TA Filter. The Value to 63 corresponds to roughly 35 km. Thats the theoratical coverage area of a standard standalone cell in open clear terrain. But we can extend this limit by using extended cell to 121km configuration this increase requires you to sacrifice half the Time slots so a radio now serves 4 users. each user has two TS and the extra TS gives Ms another 156 bits after the original 63 bits to advance its transmission so even of the burst is received in the next TS duration the BTS is still able to decode it as in extended range cells only alternate TS are used.


    The number of extended range users to serve can be set loke from 0 to 4 etc. all incoming HOs are treated as extended range and not all users are give two TS. New Intracell Hos start taking place based on TA. a MSwith TA increasing from 63 is assigned 2 TS and a MS with TA decreasing from 63 is assigned 1 TS.


    Ericsson supports GPRS/EDGE on extended range cells.

    But when you configure a cell as extended range, every TCH takes 2 TS’s irrespective of the TA.


    thank for reply

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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