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Motorola_Intracell Handover !!

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    Motorola Junior

    Hi all,
    I’d like to have Thresholds (Signal level/Quality) for Intracell handover in MOTOROLA. I mean under which conditions Intracell HO occur??

    In Ericsson, there is SS/Quality thresholds and we can change these window where we’d prefer Intracell HO.

    I’ve checked several documents but nothing about thresholds. I’ve found only short parameters like Allowed/number of cont Intracell HO…

    Thanks in advance,

    Motorola Junior

    Nobody from Motorola who can help me on this??


    This seems like a very broad question. There are varied reasons why an intra-cell Ho is required.
    1. Moving from FR to HR or HR to FR channel. Congestion based thresholds control these like new_calls_hr, etc.
    2. Moving from GSM to DCS and DCS to GSM for concentric cells here leavel based thresholds define when HO Takes place. like Zone_Ho_Hyst, rxlev_ul/dl_zone and inner_zone_alf.
    3. Frequency change HO ( BCCH to Hopping / GSM to DSC) to preserve quality, here quality and leavel thresholds control the HO.


    Dear Moto Junior,

    for intracell handover; there are two parts
    1. uplink interference
    2. downlink interference

    you have two different set of cell parameterts, i believe you are asking for signal level and quality thresholds right?

    for level check u_rxlev_ul_ih for uplink and u_rxlev_dl_ih for downlink

    as for quality; that depends if you are using adaptive handovers or not, so tell me what you are using and ill tell you what you have to check

    Israr Ahmad

    Sharing of knowledge is two times beneficial than learning a new things alone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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