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rx_lev full and sub

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    what are the cause why we encountered large difference between rx level full and rx level sub? for example rx_lev full is -95 and rx_lev sub is -55.


    It occurs when there is no voice transmitted in the direction of the measurement and DTX is activated in this direction as well.
    For instance : DL RXLEV FULL = -95 and DL RXLEV SUB = -55, means that very little voice is transmitted in the downlink direction and DTX DL is enabled.
    FULL : measurement is done on all TCH, even if nothing is carried on it.
    SUB : measurement is done on SACCH frames (it always contains data)


    thanx pix for your reply.

    just a follow-up question, what possible action to do to solve this situation, is there any parameter we should change to to solve this problem. thanx


    it is a normal situation. what do you want to solve ? adapt your work and your methods accordingly to your network settings.

    don’t try to change the network to suit your knowledge 🙂

    RULE : During drive tests using DL DTX, always look at the RXLEV-SUB.


    If you want to change that behabiour you have to disable DTX on your cell, but that could lead to decrease in the performance of that cell.


    in the tems make the rxlev full disapear 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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