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    HI PIX,

    I want to Implemnt trho in one of the congested cells iam using nokia equipment– may i know what are the parmetres at msc and bsc an cell level have to be trigger and there respective value, specially iam confused about which parmetrs to implemnt in source and target and there threshold, specailly iam wannt to know abour ATPM—AMh Trho powerbudget margin–?


    I think traffic HO can only be implemented if the cells are in the same BSC, that means you don’t need to set paramters at the MSC. In huawei BSC6000 they call it load HO, you have to activate first this in the target cell and then you define the threshold value which is a percentage. for example you say if the threshold value is 80% then after the traffic reaches 80% it will handover to the target cell. I don’t now in nokia equipment, someone else can help you for the specific values.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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