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    that’s it, you got it all right 🙂
    the Ericsson BSS can support MPDCH, so does Nokia, Alcatel, etc. It works the same way for all vendors.

    Only the MS’s can’t support it 🙂


    In Ireland an operator claim to use it.
    Perhaps it is not mandatory to have the PBCCH in the MPDCH, we just need the PCCCH and the PDTCH in the dedicated PDCH. And the PS SI is broadcast in the BCCH.
    I have to see with people that are contact with this operator

    An other thing is , If we use DTM (dual transfert mode)I think the MS will be able to read at the same time PBCCH and BCCH



    1> that is strange… but they have the right to use it, there’s no problem. the question is : is there any MS that is actually using the MPDCH to establish TBF ?
    i’m VERY interested in this topic, if you could let me know the details about the Irish operator, that’d be great.

    2> the DTM doesn’t require MPDCH. the DTM signalling is performed on dedicated channels only (FACCH or PACCH), because DTM works only when the user is already in dedicated mode. It doesn’t induce any load on the BCCH.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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