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ho failures high

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    Hi, pix,

    i have a problem facing many ho failures at a lac boundary. like i have a cell which is in BSC9–which comes in MSC1, and other cell bSC16 which comes under MSC2. frm bsc16 to bsc9 ho is sucessful but bsc9 to bsc16 ho failures are more, but i have seen a log files no failures on filed, in this secenraio i have no switch, transmission or rf alarm. i ahve check lacs defined properly in msc, and no transcoder congestion. what would be resaons?plz help me out working fro nokia equipement


    i don’t know the nokia equipment, but i think you should focus on the following :
    external cell definition in OMC-R
    cell definition in MSC
    LAC definition in MSC

    If the OMC-R is okay, then the problem must come from the MSC’s. Double check both MSC’s, there MUST be something wrongly defined.

    You can also investigate the QoS counters in BSS and NSS, to see where is the failure occuring exactly.



    Do you have problems only here, ho between BSC9 – BSC16? Do you have inter MSC handover(MSC1 – MSC2) in other points?


    thanku pix for taking my problem, iam geting HO failure as wrong Aif ciruit missmatch, i have check all circuits.


    so the problem is fixed ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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