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MSC – timeslot ip assignment

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    I would like to get your opinion for the following topic:

    I want to send my mw radios menagement data till msc.
    in order to do that :
    1- I will insert menagement data(ip data) of one radio subnet to any empty timeslot of BTS(I dont want to assign an ip to this timeslot because of the converter cost). and this timeslot will reach to MSC. (Please suppose that I will repeat this process for 30 radio networks)
    2- At MSC side I will use MSC’s nail up function, after MSC give me an e1 ,which contains the timeslots I mentioned above,and I will send this e1 to network menagement server.

    But for this process I have to use routers.

    The problem is here :

    because , in order to send(route) my data to NMS(network menagement server) I have to assign ip numbers to timeslots that i mentioned above.

    At this point i would like to ask two questions :

    1- can MSC assign ip numbers to these timeslots?
    2- if it cant do that , can router send(route) these timeslots without ip ?

    If you ask my question , I will have solved my huge question in my mind.

    Thank you in advance…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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