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2G to 3G reselection (Nokia N70 and N73)

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    We are facing an unknow issue in Nokia N70 phones in 2G to 3G reselection. When we set network selection mode as DUAL MODE in a Nokia N70, and do the manual network search, no 3G network is shown. But at the same place when we use another phone (any other Brand)all 3G network are shown. But in some areas N70 phone works perfectly and reselect to 3G automatically. (This happen for every N70 or N73 phone that we checked). If you have faced such issue, please help to solve this problem.

    Arup Nath

    I cant issue in my Nokia N70 Phones 3G in 3G enable area.But in this area my Friend issue 3g in his Samsung handset.

    i go to settings > network > network mode > Change GSM to Dual Mode. after phone automaticly restart.

    after network is not indicated 3G lower tower bar.
    indicated GSM Simble.

    i am doing Restore, Format,need new Settings.
    after that i cant solve.

    Sk roni

    change network mode in n70 without restart


    how can set my network to 3G PLS HELP ME

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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