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Multi service Erlang B

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    The Erlang B can be used to calculate number of lines,
    given an offered traffic and GoS.
    Can Erlang B be used for the case with e.g. two
    services with different mean holding times?
    Service A = 10 Erlangs offered
    Service B = 2 Erlangs offered.
    For example, the number of lines is given
    from Erlang B table with 12 (10+2) Erlang offered and
    GoS, lines=ErlB(12,Gos)

    Or using Erlang B for each service separately,
    lines = ErlB(10,Gos)+ErlB(2,Gos)?

    Hope you can help me!


    From my point of view you have to take into account:
    Lines are assigned with the same services, if so:

    You have to add probability of usage:
    service A: lets say 60%
    Service B: lest say 40%

    Tot Trafic is:
    10 *0.6 + 12*0.4= 10.8 Erl
    Lines= Erlb(10.8, GOS)


    we were tasked to calculate the number of trunks for a districting study using gos o.o1 erlang, can you please teach me how

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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