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Extended Cell HO Inner Outer

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    Mimoun SAOUDANI


    I work for a project of Extended Cell wth B9 Alcatel Lucent !

    My challenge is that I have not for the moment the HO between Inner et Outer Cells ?

    I can not see in RNO that thare atre some HO between the Two cells , but the other HO between Inner et adjancent cells and Outer and Adjancies cells Work very Weel !

    Do you have Some Idea Please !

    Best Regarding


    hi mimoun,

    i’ll check that tomorrow more into details, but first you can check the threshold of timing advance to exit the in–>out cells and the threshold of TA for out–>in cells.

    then, verify the cause “ho distance” is enabled.
    verify bith cells are neighbours (but it should be automatic…)

    and finally, the most important test : ensure by drivetest that the HO is working or not.

    Maybe there is no HO request because nobody is doing the path inner/outer while talking on the phone 🙂

    check indicators Adjacencies / MATRIX / BASIC / requests, attempts and success from in to out and from out to in.

    how many requests ?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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