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Calls per hour

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    Willie Moore

    I need help!!! I am researching telecommunications in healthecare, and I need to know how many calls per hour an attendant console operator should be able to handle in an hour. I need some benchmarks and i need a source for this information , any help is GREATLY appreciated

    Raghava Rao

    On average, one operator attendant can attend 40-50 calls in one hour.This is inclusive of incoming calls routing,originating outgoing calls for internal people, conversations with callers.This is my general study with respect to my EPABX field experience .


    It all depends on the average holding time of each call. If u take average holding time of each call as 120 Sec, it is possible to attend 30 calls. This particular assumption of Average holding time can be derived /changed based on the experience in real network.

    Marta Sousa

    I am looking for information about call centres in the health public sector, namely how to determine the optimal dimension and investment and operating costs for that given dimension.
    If you have some practical/numerical examples, that would be useful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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