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NOKIA Base Station Frequency Reference

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    DAC Drifter

    Nokia Ultrasite

    02 01 07 96 00 00 : Difference between PCM and base station frequency reference.

    The above alarm condition has been discussed here before but a resolution was never found. Does anyone know if this is being produced at the cell or at the BSC level. It does not appear to be service effecting.

    Have replaced BOIA, FXC, Abis cables connections, span extentions cables and had telco swap SMJK.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Please check the DAC Value , if you have Frequency counter , then Put 13MHZ, DAC value must be 2040.
    Ih not frequency coounter then put 2140.
    my mail ID is


    Thanks for your reply Sharique.

    If I don’t have ready access to a frequency counter would I set the DAC value to 2140 or 2040?

    Rahis Khan

    Even during setting the DAC value
    make sure that the BTS OMU link is disabled even check if there is alarm in ultrasite bts hub manager of Frequency error if this alarm is exsisting then check ur synchronisation settings .

    DAC Drifter

    The most difficult problem with this is that the alarm is very hard to catch. I’ve never seen a frequency error while using BTS Hub Manager.The only way that I have seen it is through MML while checking the sites alarm history.


    It always clears on its own and is never present for more then a few minutes. Mostly it comes in during the middle of the night. It does not appear to be service effecting.


    there is no solution.

    Statistic of your BTS is correct, everything is correct, you have changed every card (BOIA, FXC, 13Mhz is ok, …) ….and you have still this alarm.

    I have a same problem and now i don’t care because my site is working and all good work.

    I think that problem is quality of PCM 2Mbits. But where and why? i don’t know.

    check your ET with => ZYMO:ETxx;


    Try swap T1 or ET. If you have a second cabinet that doesn’t have this kind of alarm, swap it’s ET to the cabinet that have this alarm. You can also try swapping the T1. This will need the assistance of Switch. In this way, you will be able to isolate if the issue is with the ET, T1 or BSC clocking or whatever. Just try!


    Well, after many months of alarm free conditions our:

    “ALARM 7601 Difference between PCM and base station frequency reference” alarm has returned for the season. As it appears the alarm returned the night of the National Weather Forecasts’ First Official Frost Warning of the season. Once the temperature went above 32 F the alarm cleared. It returned 2 nights later when the second official frost warning came in.


    what kind of transmission equipment do you use? Is it ericsson minilink?


    dear dac drifter,

    what is the media that you are using for the BTS..I mean whether it is PDH or SDH..OFC or MW & like that. Also what is the status of your BSC clock? Give o/p of ZDRI:; & DAC value of the BCF for which the alarm is reported.

    Ankit Singhal

    What is the purpose of setting a DAC value in Nokia BTS??? What is the appropriate DAC value on should enter???? How one can clear the DAC alarm if there are flicks on the ET????

    Ravindra Pratap Singh

    How can we clear 7601 Alarm?
    Is’t clear?


    What is the Full form of DAC value?

    Ashish kumar

    How will alarms 7604,7601,7745,7704,7606 will effect the RADIO kpi? can anyone explain that for each of the above alarms……..THNX

    kamal kotecha


    Dac STands for Digital to Analog Converter..

    For measuring Abis purity,BTS continuously monitor value & adjust DAC word if required..

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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