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power control

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    in GSM, the base station broadcast less power to subscriber near it (subscriber 1)and sends out more power to subscriber farther away from it (subscriber 2)… that’s my understanding of power control, correct me if i’m wrong. assuming subscriber 1 and subscriber 2 are camping on the same channel but different timeslot, is it correct to say that the channel used by the two subscribers keeps on changing its power depending on the location of the subscriber?


    yes, the power of the TRX will change on a timeslot basis, but not depending on the distance BTS-MS. It actually depends on how much is the RX_LEV.

    For instance : If the RXLEV is too strong, then the BTS will ask the MS to reduce its power, in order to falls within the “target RXLEV”.



    Power Control (at least on Siemens HW platform) takes also into account the quality level (RXQUAL) together with RXLEX



    yes, that’s true, i think it’s the same for all vendors : PC decisions are based on rxlev and rxqual. i made it very simple before, to emphasize that the TA is not used 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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