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Looking to start my own Voip business

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    Hello guys,

    The idea is to sell subscriptions on the internet OR selling plastic cards that can be scratched

    u use your normal phone then or mobile phone, dial a land line that connects you to the VOIP centre, then u enter a numerical code and a password, then dial the number u wish to call from your phone anywhere in the world and get connected to this other land line or mobile phone for very competitive VOIP rates !

    What is needed to setup such a system other than some money and hardware ?

    any programmers here familiar with this ?

    Also, i’d like to implement a feature, where a person can send an sms to a small 4 digit number, this sms charges him the amount of the card, he then recieves a text message from me, with his card number and activation codes and the phone number he should dial to connect and start using his card. Is that sms idea duable ? and how and where from do i collect my money ?

    thanks in advance
    and i hope some of you can help me set this up

    kind regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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