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fibre optics and microwave

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    what will be the position of microwave tranmission with the emergence of fibre optics.

    Imran Sabir

    Microwave and fibre optics have altogether different applications.
    Microwave is mostly used where we have terrain problems for the Fibre layout.
    The mantainance cost of Microwave is much less as compareable to Fibre.
    The overall cost per E1/Km of Fibre is much expensive than the microwave.
    The outage time in case of Fibre breakage is much more as compare to microwave.
    Optical fibre is more prone to natural calamaties than the microwave

    Javed Shaikh

    No Dial Tone in Mobile Phone why ?
    Please give me appropiate answer Asap.


    in fixed switch waits DTMF codes.

    but mobile wanna digital codes

    javed shaikh

    Not a convincing reply.

    In telephones the instrument has dedicated lines connected till the exchange whereas Mobile sends periodic information.
    We need much more technical answers to testify.
    Why do mobile phones dont have dial tones?



    in fixed lines, the “called party” number is sent in real time to the switch, via frequencies. Each time a digit is typed, the switch receives the digit’s frequency right away.

    in GSM, the number is sent in one unique message : the whole number is contained in the “CALL SETUP” message. Therefore there is no need to code the digits into frequencies.


    emre igrek

    imagine if you have a dial tone in gsm you must use traffic channel between bts and your mobile ,it will consume unnecessary power..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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