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SDCCH Assigment Failure

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    Juan Verenzuela

    “Good morning to everyone. I wanted to share a problem that I’ve found in the Ericsson GSM/GPRS/EDGE Network that I’m working with. We are having a few problems with the SDCCH Access Indicator. These problems affect directly our main KPI: Call Setup Success Rate.

    When the failure occurs, the % of SDCCH Access can drop from 98% to 50% for a few hours. Then it returns to its normal state. During this period of time, the Call Setup Success Rate also drops from 94% to 40%. It occurs in 30 sectors (approximate) of our network (1500 sectors) per day and in different BSC. Ericsson tells us that it can be related to the PCU or TRA. We suspect that its origin comes from the BSC or from the Backhaul (transmission problem).

    ¿Can someone help me please?



    can you send the formula it

    GIto Prastomo

    Dear Juan,

    You must collect all alarm, I suspect that the problem is in transmission intermittent.

    THe alarm could tell all information regarding bad module, transmission, electricity, etc


    You might be having congestion on the SDCCH, and this will limit call setup possibilities. do rlcrp:cell=a; to have an idea of call setup attempts/activities.also do rlslp:cell=a; to confirm you enough SDCCH/TRX defined

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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