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    Dear all,
    Could anybody please provide the definition and meaning of T_MSRFPCI TIMER in Siemens Network

    Thanks in advance


    T_MSRFPCI is started in the BTS on receipt of the CHANNEL ACTIVATION ACKNOWLEDGE
    message for a TCH. Its purpose is to observe the receipt of the MPRCI message, i.e. it is stopped when
    the MRPCI message is received. The BSC sends this message when the MS has successfully sent the
    first layer 3 message on a new channel during call setup (CM SERVICE REQUEST (for the SDCCH)
    and ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE) and handover (ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE (intracell HO) and
    HANDOVER COMPLETE (inter-cell handover)). As T_MSRFPCI is hardcoded to a very long value
    (20s), this timer should never expire under normal conditions and reasonable timer settings.


    Thanks for reply Tomar


    Thanks for your explanation, Tomar. I’ve been unable to find any further details about this MRPCI message. Can you point out to me the message type as well as the message contents? Thanks.


    Dear LaForge, the MS RF Power Capability Indication ABIS message has the aim to transfer (from BSC to BTS) information about the power capability and the codec capability of the MS. This is necessary in Siemens Networks because the Handover and Power Control algorithms are handled in BTS. Instead the MS capability are transferred in transparent way from MS directly to BSC. BTS is aware of the MS capability up to the receiption of this message from BSC.


    Thanks, Michele.

    Can you provide any information about the MRPCI message that the BSC is supposed to send? I need as many details as possible about the message coding, including its information elements.

    I’m working with a custom BSC implementation, and it does not yet generate this message. So far, the BSC simply ignores the CONN_FAIL_IND with ‘T_MSRFPCI expired’. This keeps the TCH/SDCCH open, but that is only a hack.

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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